2018 Speakers

Below you can see the talks, workshops, and other events we have planned so far for this year.

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Elizabeth K. Joseph

Using a container orchestration platform like the Datacenter Operating System (DC/OS) or Kubernetes makes it trivial to setup an automated continuous deployment pipeline that pushes code to production on every commit (perhaps with some tests thrown in the middle). This is a win for customers (they see new features sooner), developers (much less bureaucracy with each release) and operators (fewer changes with each release means less risk).

In this presentation, Elizabeth will introduce DC/OS, an open source distributed operating system and container orchestrator based on the production proven Apache Mesos. She will then describe and demonstrate advanced deployment strategies including canary deployments and blue/green deployments, showing you how you can integrate these with continuous deployment pipelines on DC/OS to perform advanced automated deployments with low risk over thousands of machines. The presentation will conclude with a demonstration of a CI/CD pipeline running fully on open source software.


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