NMON - powerful open source performance monitoring

Andy Wojnarek
Talk Description: 

Nigel's performance Monitor for Linux on POWER, x86, x86_64, Mainframe & now ARM (Raspberry Pi). This powerful utility was developed by Nigel Griffiths while working at IBM aimed at the IBM centric operating systems. Later it was written for Linux as well, targeting running on the IBM platforms and in 2009 it was open sourced.

The utility has two modes:

* In Online Mode it uses curses for efficient screen handling, which updates the terminal frequently for real-time monitoring.

* In Capture Mode, the data is saved to a file in CSV format for later processing and graphing. The file also includes important configuration details that are useful for recommending tuning.

In this talk I will show the strengths of nmon, and some tips and tricks in using this utilities.

Andy has 10 years of experience in systems administration. His experience includes AIX, Linux (on x86, Z and Power), various middleware administration and extensive system scripting/programming. His experience includes AIX 5.3 through AIX 7.1 to SLES8 to SLES 11 and has supported migrations between all versions. He has vast experience in AIX / Linux patch management – including maintaining 1000+ systems at various patch levels. His skills also include advanced virtualization experience on both AIX and Linux platforms including all of the virtualization technologies on the IBM Power platforms. His programming and shell scripting experience with Ruby and Bash focuses on automation and integrating business processes. He specializes in data analytics via Splunk and IBM Watson - defining a paradigm where OT and IT work as one. He has a strong skill set in capacity and performance management – taking business KPI’s from non-IT staff and using those KPI’s to create a baseline of what’s normal for a system or process. He has a strong background in cloud computing which includes analyzing a customer workload and determining an architecture fit for that workload whether that’s on a public, private or hybrid cloud. He has a strong background in team leadership that involves being a focal point for escalations as well as maintaining a baseline of measurable work for his team. He excels at cross–training staff as well as focuses on documentation.