BGP - Finding your way through the series of tubes.

Nick Allgood
Talk Description: 

We use the internet in nearly aspect of our lives now, but many people are only aware of the basic level of networking involved to connect out to the internet. But what happens when the data leaves our humble little routers and traverses the magical series of tubes that is the internet? Well, if things are working, get our desired result, but how does it get there?

Here is a summary of what I will cover:

- Layer 1 - Routing basics - How do we get where now?
- Layer 2 - BG-What? An introduction to BGP
- Layer 3 - My brain hurts - some technical bits of BGP
- Layer 4 - Are we there yet? - Establishing a BGP peering
- Layer 5 - Can you see me now? - Adveritsing Routes
- Layer 6 - Don't tread on me - More technical bits of BGP and security
- Layer 7 - The application layer - Questions ?

Hi there, I'm Nick. I am CCIE #37428 and currently work as a network architect at a university in Maryland. I have had my hands (and forehead) in technology for over fifteen years. I currently have just been accepted into the PhD program for computer science at UMBC where I will spend the next five years of my life taking courses, performing computational research and drinking heavily during the process.