Android without Google

Andrew Rabert
Talk Description: 

Like having a smartphone, but hate the walled-gardens of Apple and the tightening grip of Google on Android? There is a somewhat-sane alternative: Android without Google!

A little more than a year ago, I set out on an experiment to exclusively use an Android phone without Google Play Services (nor Google apps). There were challenges, but also rewards.

I will talk about:
- The difficulties
- The rewards
- App and service alternatives
- Alternative app stores (F-Droid, Amazon, Humble Store)
- ROMs and devices

I breathe air, eat Soylent, and live in all things code. By day, I'm a Python engineer focusing on backend services. By night, I spend most of my free coding time working on two Android apps I maintain: Audinaut (a Libresonic client) and GZDoom for Android (it's Doom). Also spent the first few years of my career on a mainframe programming in COBOL. Lastly, I have passions for self-hosting web services, DIY home automation, and making electronic music.